Welcome to SAMI MCD Ltd. web space

SAMI MCD Ltd. is a competent engineering company, dedicated to supporting the tobacco industry. We are focused on producing spare and wear parts for secondary machinery (including cutting machines, cigarette making and filter attaching machines, packing and wrapping machines etc.), in which we have detailed knowledge of technologies, parts’ specifications. Owners of the company have more than 30 years experience in the tobacco industry - manufacturing spare parts, overhauling machines, reconstructing machines for different cigarette dimensions. During all these years we have established excellent network all around the globe and are able to satisfy all demands of our customers.

The company′s main activity is:
 - Manufacturing of Format Dependant Parts and Size Change kits (Garniture Format Units for Cigarette and Filter Making Machines, Drums for Filter Attaching Machines, Glue Rollers)
 - Producing Maintenance and Fast Moving Parts (Knives, Knife Head Assy, Rollers, Guides)
 - Rebuilds, Overhauling, Reconstruction of Machines

Our aim is to contribute to customers' success by providing first class products to meet customers' needs for minimum time. We always strive to understand our customers' problems in details and to offer them the best solution for any particular case. We believe we can achieve it due to our long-term thinking, excellent trained personnel and good communications we establish with our partners.

SAMI MCD´ strength lies in its extensive knowledge of materials and technology used in the tobacco industry. In addition to its aim of being at the top in quality and service providing, which is guaranteed by the professionalism of our employees, SAMI MCD Ltd. is internationally recognized and appreciated because of its flexibility.

We work with you and your people and we stay with you. Our support and assistance is continuous, even after full completion of project. We firmly believe that the spirit of our success lies in our ability to invest in our clients.